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Top 5 Running Apps

Being in the business of iPhone and Android mounting solutions for runners, we are often asked about the best smartphone apps to use whilst running.

Naturally we all have our favourite, but we thought we would give you a quick review of what we thought were the Top 5 Running Apps.

Here they are in no particular order:


Free and Paid versions available.

Strava has all the standard statistics and data you need for tracking your runs. With the ability to:

  • Check your speed, distance, and elevation gained
  • Track your run against other runners, taking out the Laurel Crown for segments you run the most out of all users over the last 90 days
  • Keep a log of all your runs and track improvements over time
  • Socialise with other Strava users / Follow the Pros / Join Monthly challenges
  • Strava Photos allows you to add photos directly to an activity
  • Compete against other users to achieve the fastest time on a segment and receive a KOM or QOM crown
  • With the addition of other equipment, track your heart rate and give you a "Suffer Score"
  • Track your gear and receive notifications when it's time to replace your running shoes
  • Create custom routes using your preferences for distance, elevation gained, and surface

Strava really seems to have thought of everything when it comes to a running app.

Probably one of the most attractive things about Strava is the ability to feed that competitive urge inside yourself, even when you have no one to run with. As Strava not only lets you race against your own personal best, but it also allows you to time yourself against all other runners to record that stretch of road, ranking you among them. Strava can also be used to record cycling activities.

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Free and Paid versions available.

Under Armour's MapMyRun is a great app that is said to have the best route creation tool compared to any other app of its kind. MapMyRun is packed full of features which rival many of the other options discussed above, including:

  • Exportable map
  • Easy map and route sharing
  • Great route overview screens
  • Ability to place workouts on a calendar
  • List and search events
  • Voice messages telling you time and distance (Virtual Coach)

Enjoy the tracking capabilities of the free version, or upgrade to the paid version to make use of more of the apps capabilities such as Live Tracking to send your location to your chosen contact, and Virtual Coach to keep you on track with your running goals.


Offers In App Purchases

RunKeeper is a great option for tracking a run, with its numerous features and calculations. RunKeeper allows you to:

  • View a large range of data and stats, including speed, distance, elevation, total run time, etc.
  • Set goals for yourself such as distance or days per week- Audio cues for distance or time covered
  • Distance specific training plans for 5km, 10km, and all the way to a Marathon

RunKeeper can be used for multiple sports, including weight training and cycling. With the ability to sync with MyFitnessPal, you can track your exercise and diet goals together.

Adidas Runtastic Running

Free and Paid versions available

Runtastic is another great app for recording your runs using your smartphone. The app has many similar features to those already discussed including:

  • A detailed map of your run
  • Analyse your activities showing pace / elevation gain
  • Set goals based on duration, distance or consistency
  • Score activity records when you hit a new milestone

Runtastic enables you to track critical performance data such as speed, distance, pace and calories usage, and can be used for multi sports including running, walking, skiing and cycling. With a new designed interface it is now easier to navigate and has some great features such as the power song feature and interval training option. If you are into multi sports then this app is definitely one to try.

Zombies, Run!

Free and Paid versions available

If you're looking for some extra motivation to get running, then Zombies, Run! may be the one for you.As the title indicates, this is no normal fitness tracker. Pop your headphones on and start up the app and soon enough the Zombies will come. This is a different take on a fitness app, and includes unique features such as:

  • Immersive running game
  • Can be used walking, jogging, running and on the treadmill
  • Great blend between fitness tracker and game design
  • Statistics and interval training

This app is not for the die hard runner, it lacks some of the elements that would be required to monitor your running statistics and track your progress. However, with over 1 million users, Zombies, Run! brings a whole new dimension to the idea of running for your life. The free version gives you limited access but enough to know if you want to jump into a full pro version. This app will make you sweat.

One thing that stays the same is all of these running apps are easily accessible with our Quad Lock Running Kits.

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