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Neil Campbell Hits New Speed Cycling Record From The Back of a Porsche

Neil Campbell is the first man from the UK to hit a new speed cycling record at 174mph (approx. 280km/h) from the back of a Porsche!

With a £15,000 custom bike being pulled along from the back of a Porsche, Neil Campbell was then released as it speed down the runway where he managed to break the previous record of 167mph which was last achieved in 1995.

The bike Neil used to break the record was built based on the design of a tandem and was built by Moss Bikes using 3D-printed components and parts from a motocross bike.

The attempt which also broke his own personal record was achieved at the Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire. Wearing a Kangaroo-skin protective suit, Neil had a parachute fitted to help him break safely and quickly before he came to the end of the runway.

Watch Neil Campbell Break The Cycling Record 👇

Next Neil, who is currently works as an Architect aims to break the all-time record of 220mph (354km), which means he'll have to head to Utah in the USA since the runway in Elvington simply isn't' long enough.

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