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The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Cyclists

Cycling Christmas Gifts... We've Done the Hard Work For You

With less than 4 weeks to go, Christmas is almost upon us again and finding the right gift for your cyclist friends might seem impossibly hard. If you've been feeling overwhelmed to find that perfect Christmas Gift, it's time to sit back and relax. We've done the research and found the best Christmas gift ideas which will surely impress your cycling friends or family.

PROVIZ REFLECT360 Cycling Backpack


If you want to ensure your cycling friends stay seen on the road at night, you won't go wrong with this Christmas gift. We're already huge fans of the Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jackets here at Quad Lock so we were really excited to learn they had a backpack version for cycling! Designed to be extremely comfortable and safe for riding at night, the team at Proviz have made a stylish solution that makes it the ultimate rucksack for everyday use.

The highlight (pardon the pun) of this backpack is of course their signature reflective material. Using 100% CE EN 20471 reflective certified material, which appears grey by day, the millions of tiny reflective beads in the fabric light up when another light beam hits you. Meaning you will be easily seen at night.

The Original Buff


Whether you're cycling in winter or trying to avoid the harsh summer sun, then having a Buff is very handy and makes for a great gift idea for those cyclists who ride all-year-round. The Original Cycling Buff by Technical Headwear is a multi-functional tube for your neck, which is engineered for all weathers and keeps you comfortable no matter what. Protect against frostbite, red, raw noses or sunburn by wearing a Buff.

Made from a special type of microfibre material, the Buff sits nicely under any helmet and fits most adults. It is also hard-waring so it will last the distance! With plenty of funky designs and colours to choose from, this present won't disappoint.

Zeffz cycling socks


Yeh yeh we here you... Jocks and socks are the most common Christmas gifts! But they are always appreciated and especially, if they're designed for cycling.

For comfort, style and affordability, then look no further than Zeffz cycling socks. Also known as the "best and most affordable cycling socks in the world", these funky cycling socks are sold locally online from Melbourne, Australia.

Using a coolmax fibre, the material is designed to be more breathable meaning little moisture absorbs and the socks dry quickly making them ideal for training or long rides so no more sweaty feet! The socks also come in lots of fun designs and colours so you can mix and match with your cycling kit.

Quad Lock Bike Kit

From $39.95

If you have a friend who is a bit of a gadget-head and uses apps such as Strava®, Mapmyride® or Apple® Maps to track rides, monitor fitness and navigate around town, then you can't go wrong with this Christmas gift. The Quad Lock Bike Kit includes a protective case for your smartphone, bike stem mount and weather-resistant cover. It's a great accessory that can be used for road cycling, mountain biking or just daily commuting.

The patented dual stage locking system allows users to securely attach and detach a smartphone in seconds and is available for Samsung Galaxy S smartphones, iPhones and there's even a Universal Fit for other devices. Once you've got a Quad Lock case, you can use it with a range of other Quad Lock mounts for motorcycles, running and more.

AssSaver Foldable Mudguard

From $13.99

After yet another rainy ride home from work, Founder Staffan Weigel, the "ideas man" behind AssSaver, ripped a piece of cardboard and stuck it beneath his saddle just to get home reasonably dry. After a few modifications, the rest is history and the mudguard has evolved into a unique easy-to-use design that is now used all over the world. Even the cycling pros have been seen using AssSavers in the UCI World Tour!

The Ass Saver comes in multiple colours, styles and sizes (front, big, custom or regular) and fits easily to your saddle. Ultimately, it keeps your butt dry on the wet roads and requires no tools to install. Starting from $10, these are a great stocking filler or gift idea and definitely won't break the bank!

Maap Prime Race Mitts


Developed first for the Cycling Pros, the MAAP Race Mitts are designed to stand up to all levels of training & racing. Made in Italy & designed in Melbourne by a team who are passionate about cycling, you will know you are in "good hands" when using the Race Mitts.

Some of the notable features include the lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that easily stretches and moulds comfortably to your hands for a smooth on the bike feel. If you're heading out for a ride on a hot day, you can rest assured that your hands won't burn with the SPF 50 sun protection capability. We'd definitely recommend grabbing a pair of these sleek looking Race Mitts as a Christmas gift!

World Bicycle Relief

Any $ amount you see fit

Make a difference this Christmas by donating a bicycle to someone in need. We've teamed up with World Bicycle Relief, a charitable organisation who are dedicated to mobilizing people through the power of bicycles. World Bicycle Relief envisions a world where distance is no longer a barrier to education, healthcare & economic opportunity by building & distributing a specially-designed Buffalo bike. The Buffalo bike is hard-wearing, locally assembled and rugged and addresses the needs for reliable, affordable transportation in rural areas of developing countries.

Just $147USD puts one bicycle in the hands of a child. Donations can be made in any amounts on the following link here and are available in multiple currencies. (And good news your gift is tax deductible.)

Bedrock Sandals

From $135

Known for adventure and simple living, Bedrock Sandals are the freedom footwear for the great outdoors. Designed in California and created for heavy wear and tear from adventures, these sandals are the best in business when it comes to the perfect biketouring sandals!

The soles are much stiffer than normal sandals and the foot grip detail on the bed makes your toes grip comfortably when pedalling. In fact, our friend Naresh Kumar wears his for all his human-powered missions including his 3000km across New Zealand on Tandem and his recent trip across Australia on the Indian Pacific Wheel Race route!

Orbitkey Clip and Multi-Tool

Orbitkey Clip $44.90 Multi-Tool $15.00

If you know someone who is disorganised and looses their keys constantly then this Christmas gift should help make their life just a little bit easier... and better.

Orbitkey is a Melbourne company who have combined contemporary industrial design to make key holders that are minimal, secure and easy to carry in everyday activities. The Orbitkey clip is a nifty way to clip your keys to your belongings anywhere, so you can clip it to your backpack securely when out riding and never lose sight of your keys again. Some of the clever features include the ability to fit up to 10 keys, a quick release system and big gate opening. You can also attach the clip to other products such as the Multi-Tool, a 6 in 1 tool, which is very handy to have on-the-go.

* All prices are in AUD unless otherwise specified

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