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Craziest GoPro moments caught on Camera on Bikes

With the invention of the GoPro camera, you can now capture some amazingly smooth footage from pretty much anywhere of your latest adventure or journey.

With a GoPro attached to your bike, mountain bike, dirtbike or motorbike, you can have a hands-free experience and not have to worry about taking your eyes off the road while filming.

We've compiled our favourite top 5 craziest GoPro moments caught on camera on Bikes on the roads or tracks.

GoPro: Ram vs Dirtbike

While out riding a dirt bike in New Zealand, Marty Todd captured this crazy moment when an angry ram comes out of nowhere. So does he manage to escape? You will have to watch the clip to find out.

GoPro: Biker Meets Bear

Travelling through Thailand, this biker has a very close shave with a stray bear crossing the road. With the help of GoPro this footage is filmed as though you were the rider himself!

GoPro: Attack of the birds

It's Magpie Swooping season! These birds are on a serious mission as they attempt to swoop this Aussie cyclist off his bike, luckily for us, the whole thing is caught on camera so we can actually get a bird's eye view of the situation.

GoPro: Insane Urban Downhill Track

Tight sections, massive jumps, tonnes of stairs and all at high speeds, this is the craziest downhill race ever in Chile by MTB rider Marcelo G.

GoPro: Down the Dam

2 years ago, cyclist Red bull rider Ravnik decided to ride down a 60m super steep dam with no support other than his GoPro. Crazy but incredible.

Did you know that you can film awesome footage with GoPro on your bike using our Out Front Mount and GoPro Adaptor?

Have you ever had a crazy encounter and managed to capture it on camera? Let us know in the comments below.

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