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9 Wheely Bad Cycling Puns

When it comes to cycling puns, sometimes it can be too hard to resist to drop one into a convo just to see a reaction from your friends.

Fortunately, there are more than enough wheely bad cycling-related puns to go around that will keep you entertained for days!

We worked tyre-sly to find the worst puns around and managed to narrow it down to 9.

But before we get started, we must state that this post comes with a WARNING. As there are some absolute shockers in there. Enjoy!

1. I wheelie love riding my bike

2. Two tired

3. I think you all need to get a grip

4. Life behind bars

5. I broke my bike today so I have to fork out cash for a new one

6. My mate is great on a unicycle, but struggles in social situations. He doesn't like bars

7. My bike is absolutely disgusting these days. You should see the skidmarks..

8. I bought a new wheel from the local bike shop, but it was missing something in the middle. When I complained, they sent me straight through to their spokes-person.

9. So expensive to pump up your tyres these days, bloody inflation!

That's it! We warned you they were bad. If you've got a cycling pun that you think should have made the cut, drop us your worst in the comments below.

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